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Jeannette Melhem creates bespoke styling solutions for interiors and displays. Her distinctive style is often complemented with custom-made artwork, creating a valued advantage because it's exclusively-designed to embrace any room, interior and styling preference. Through a creative and artistic eye, Jeannette is able to piece together elements to generate comfort and style, offering a sanctuary where people feel most at ease and inspired every day.


Jeannette's styling is complemented with artwork that can range from illustrations adorned on invitations/cards, through to iconic designs and artwork for an assortment of branding, stationery, fashion campaigns and home décor. Custom illustrations and fine art prints are commissioned by private clients, celebrities, and corporates, being displayed in offices and homes across the globe, along with her styling techniques.

Art is a manifestation of our inner most desires. It requires skill and imagination and in any form aims to intentionally trigger emotion in humans for use and visual entertainment. 

Jeannette is highly acclaimed for her attention to detail, style and visual communication. Her fine art prints showcase a commitment to outstanding quality and design, impressing us all with her semi realistic portraiture, and lifestyle art. Their appeal is timeless, rare and above all stunning.


Explore her diverse gallery and range of fine art prints today.