An “Unlimited Imagination” is what makes Jeannette Melhem’s styling technique and artwork exceptional. Jeannette’s passion for interiors and art started at a young age, where she astounded us all with her magical scenery and landscape canvases. By her teenage years, her gift had evolved sufficiently to enable her to create a lucrative business for herself, by using her skills to interpret spaces and create images that could not be achieved by regular photography.


Today, Jeannette’s work has been enhanced with the metamorphoses of media enabled through the progress of technology. She now creates bespoke designs using hand sketches and graphics to provide brands and clients with distinctive and personalised pieces. Jeannette’s extraordinary ability to combine characterised drawing, breathes life into colourful and luxurious eye-catching artwork for interior staging and for an assortment of brand images and packaging.

Her exciting portfolio includes custom-made illustrations adorned on invitations/cards, through to character design/portraits for an assortment of branding, stationery, and fashion campaigns and interior styling. Jeannette's artworks are commissioned by private clients, celebrities, and corporates, being displayed in offices and homes across the globe.


Jeannette's custom-made artwork and distinctive style is a valued advantage, because it's exclusively-designed to embrace any room, interior and styling preference. Special consideration, along with great attention to detail is taken when styling and staging an interior. Professional, creative and contemporary design solutions are offered to help accentuate her client’s space, captivate an audience and improve the quality of living spaces. Through a creative and artistic eye, Jeannette is able to piece together elements to generate comfort and style, offering a sanctuary where people feel most at ease and inspired every day.

Jeannette’s Melbourne studio provides the space for her inspiration to flow into her innovative artwork. Now following her dream and launching her first online store, enables Jeannette to share her gift with us all.