"Hi there! I'm Jeannette Melhem. Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in my custom artwork.


The advantage of custom made artwork is the beauty of having nothing else like it in the world. A unique and iconic image that potentially signifies a special moment in time, a story to be told, or a drawing of a life long dream that brings enjoyment. My passion for art and drawing at a young age, now has me creating one-of-a-kind authentic illustrations and artwork for businesses and personal use. 

I highly enjoy working with brands to create significant and distinctive illustrations. From fashion campaigns to corporate, I can originate an image specifically tailored to your market audience, helping to establish a well recognized icon for your brand. 


Whatever the event - Birthdays, Christmas, special occasions, or Wedding there is nothing more fulfilling than enabling my clients to gift their loved ones, friends or self with a personalised illustration they can use and treasure for many years to come

Special consideration, along with great attention to details  is taken when artwork is commissioned. I begin with my stylist pen and sketch usually from a reference photo provided or instructions from the client. My artwork is a complete re-construction and transformation of an existing portrait/idea and created from a blank canvas.  Once complete, I digitally enhance the drawing and add any special effects required.

I look forward to working with you! To get started please see the process below on how to begin, or for any questions and enquires please don't hesitate to get in contact"




Choose from one of our luxury sample Custom Illustration Packages for your next event or special someone. Once a package and requested size has been purchased and payment has been processed, you will be contacted within 48 hours and an order form will be sent to your email.

The Order form will request details of your illustration, - description of your request, colours, any accessories, and you may include up to 5 coloured photos for reference. These are the details I will use to create the custom artwork. 



Upon receiving your payment the process begins with a hand sketch. I sketch out the unique details in your request form using a stylus pen.  A preliminary draft is then produced and demonstrates vague detail and layout in colours requested and provides an insight into the direction of the drawing. Further details such as distinct features,  characteristics and detailed accessories including dimension will be present in the final artwork. 

Note: A preliminary draft is shared and approved within 1 month of a purchase, should there be any delays due to changes or work capacity you will be notified 



I  work closely with you to ensure your vision and outcome is achieved and ensure communication is on-going throughout the process - to see to it the clients brief is concise and clear. If required I will amend the revision requested and provide the client with a final design and confirmation within 1 month. 

I allow 1 complimentary single round of revision on the first draft with no additional fee - any further revisions outside the scope of works or change of mind will be offered at an additional cost.

Note: When ordering custom artwork for an event or known occasion please allow a lead time of 3 months. This ensures there is time for design and reviews.



Lastly I add the finishing touches to the artwork and provide you with a final review for approval, before the drawing is packaged. Should the client (you) request any further changes that are non re - workable or outside the brief a quote will be issued for a re-draw or additional change. Upon completion a digital file/or print will be sent to you via email in the format and size requested.  Please read our Terms of Use for licensing and usage of artwork