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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Welcome to my first blog post!!
Wow! What a year 2020 has bestowed upon us. With all the ups and downs, life as we know it can at times be hectic and stressful due to our busy schedules or life factors. It can take a tremendous toll on our mental and physical health with little or no time left for self care - as 2020 has shown some of us. When life gets this chaotic we often turn to recreational activities or outlets to help ease our mind, and take a load off. I'm fortunate that my artwork and passion for home décor creates this opportunity for me to de-stress.
There is not a day that goes by that I don't create or keep my mind active with new ideas or projects. It doesn't always have to be a huge project. It can include small tasks around the home such as re-arranging cushions to big jobs like moving furniture around. Simply the thought of painting a vase to upscale your flower arrangement is enough to satisfy the creative urge for the day.
As they say "home is where the heart is' and there is no place like home. Everyone deserves a place they feel safe and comfortable in. It's meant to be a sanctuary, an escape to the busyness and intrusiveness of the world. When it comes to comfort and pleasure, Home décor and interior design are key contributors. The space you occupy bears evidence of your personality and reflects your identity. From colour schemes to furnishings and paintings on the wall - it says it all. My family and I, being quite social also enjoy entertaining from time to time, so decorating our home creates a welcoming environment and a lasting impression.
Part of being creative is seeking inspiration from culture, existing brands and people. I love and highly enjoy working with brands and collaborating, so when my friend @farahmerhi reached out to me, I couldn't say no to this opportunity. We both love home décor and all things creative. Together we curated a series of illustrations that you can download for FREE to colour in - of her beautiful and amazing home. Farah is an exceptional entrepreneur building her business and career centered around home décor - whilst also raising 3 children. As a mother myself, I know how challenging this can be but also very rewarding when those dreams start to slowly but surely come true.
Check out the five images below for you to enjoy and download today!
Until next time J xx
Download ZIP • 2.85MB

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